3. If It Is Green, I’m Not Interested (Season 9 Episode 8)I guess Alexis Michelle had a point so…

3. If It Is Green, I’m Not Interested (Season 9 Episode 8)

I guess Alexis Michelle had a point so many weeks ago. She helped out every single girl with her fashions and yet this happens to her?

No good deed goes unpunished! When Elphaba emotionally cast a spell t become detached, she didn’t expect it to be this literal.

I understand that Alexis painted her skin green because it’s Michelle’s least favorite color, but it’s a pretty long way to go for a punchline. The last time someone was this dedicated to a joke, he got elected president.

Normally I wouldn’t make fun of Alexis Michelle’s body (teeth and occupations are apparently fair game though) but this is ridiculous not to mention. It looks like she went to the catering table and sliced a kiwi in half. Actually, scratch that – even New Zealanders don’t want to be associated with look.

On the bright side, at least Alexis found one good use of her witch hat.

When You’re A Hoe At A Halloween Party

-4 Funniest Moments From RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 Episode 8

4. Reading Rainbow (Season 9 Episode 8)In the grand tradition of Paris Is Burning, the library is…

4. Reading Rainbow (Season 9 Episode 8)

In the grand tradition of Paris Is Burning, the library is open! And in another grand tradition of Paris Is Burning, the stage is full of butch queens first time in drags at a ball.

Let’s start this roast off easy. No, really – Trinity Taylor is easy. The great thing about Trinity is that you can literally read her – each body part has a stamp that says “Made In Taiwan.” Speaking of foreign material – we have Valentina! She’s beautiful, she’s funny, she’s proud of her Mexican heritage. I actually bad for the queen who eliminates her. You need to get a Visa to fuck her!

It’s unfortunate that Shea has been getting this fan reaction recently. It’ll be even worse if it’s true! She expressed interest in plastic surgery before – if Shea actually wanted to get a facelift, she would need to book two doctors! Speaking of many faces, we have the clever makeup artist Nina! I feel the need to call in a bomb threat everytime I see Nina Bo’nina Osama Bin Laden Brown. I don’t know if it’s because of her name or her performance during last week’s challenge.

Farrah Moan, last week it was so inspiring to see a video from the one person who’s helped shape your career to what it is today. Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Tom from Myspace! Since we’re on the topic of outdated, here’s Peppermint! They call you a legend in New York City and that’s pretty accurate. Your talent is definitely an urban legend.

Alexis Michelle’s entire performance this week was extraterrestrial. Her skin looks like an alien and her hair looks like a crop circle. Now from balding to bald – we have Sasha Velour! Sasha always talk about being smart, being a Fulbright scholar. It’s not secret that Sasha reminds me of my college textbooks; not worth the price.

-4 Funniest Moments From RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 Episode 8

1. How’s Your Head Game? (Season 9 Episode 7)I love Trinity…

1. How’s Your Head Game? (Season 9 Episode 7)

I love Trinity Taylor. There, I said it. After winning another challenge, I can safely say that Trinity is a triple threat – she can dance, she can act, she can tuck. Trinity is honestly the total package.

But what really tickles my fancy about Trinity is that she is the epitome of a pageant girl. She always has her eye on the crown – even if there’s a bomb in it. Pageant queens have been known to play mind games and Trinity is no different. Survivor fans are sure to get a kick out this one:

You see, on the fifth season, there was a girl named Heidi Strobel. She has it all – brains, brawn, beauty, backrolls.

Certified Genius

The only issue with Heidi is that no one had a higher view of herself than she did. She was the Shannel of Survivor – but instead of 39 character illusions, it’s 39 days of the game.

Anyway, during the Jury questioning of the finalists, Heidi gives a very…interesting question. She wants them to say she’s the best player of the season, they know she wants them to say she’s the best player of the season, but that’s not what happens. And not being appreciated really…ahem…deflates Heidi.

So now back to Trinity Taylor. During this week’s Untucked, the girls brought up the issue of competition. Trinity proudly states that she sees two girls as threats – one of whom is sitting right next to her, and Shea.

As soon as those words come out of Trinity’s mouth, Valentina’s ears perk up. Like a bloodhound with the scent of stoning tights blood, Valentina is ready to accept herself as one of the biggest threats in this competition.

Now this is where Trinity’s pageant expertise comes in. This is why there’s such an astigmatism with pageant queens – they love to play with your mind. Trinity was probably gonna say Valentina, but she knows that Valentina wants to hear her name, so she says Alexis instead.

And then Valentina Strobel deflates. Because she thinks that she’s beautiful, she’s perfect, she’s a model. So when Trinity doesn’t acknowledge it…Valentina is shook.This is how you do it, ladies; this is how you detonate a (blonde) bombshell – take notes Sasha Belle!

-4 Funniest Moments From RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 Episode 7

2. Cameroon! Cameron! (Season 9 Episode 7)When Farrah started crying and revealed that she had a…

2. Cameroon! Cameron! (Season 9 Episode 7)

When Farrah started crying and revealed that she had a secret, I was half expecting her to talk about her life on Myspace. Long before she was doing drag – Farrah was serving catfish!

But no, her mom comes on the Untucked television with a message of encouragement for Farrah. It’s all very sweet and touching – so that’s not where the comedy lies. In fact, Farrah is such a sweet kid that I’m surprised that not even she is safe from the shady editors.

You see, Farrah talks about her mom is an inspiration and she is the figure whose influenced her drag. But then this happens –

Way to ruin a moment, editors! Looks like RuPaul isn’t the only emotionless part of this crew.

-4 Funniest Moments From RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 Episode 7

3. Alexisander The Great (Season 9 Episode 7)Another day,…

3. Alexisander The Great (Season 9 Episode 7)

Another day, another dollar (store dress).

A lot of people have been complaining that this is RuPaul’s Best Friend Race but they neglect to mention that I have better shit on my hanger there is a feud brewing. Alexis Michelle vs. A Pleasing Aesthetic has been a war waging since 1993 – it all started when Alexis got read by the nurses for the length of her umbilical cord. Even Adore Delano’s garments hit the floor once in awhile!

So, this episodes starts with Alexis cheering for the return of Beverly Hills, 90210 star Tori Spelling. And just like Donna Martin, Alexis makes a series of bad decisions. Shes goes around the workroom and starts giving out some of her infamous Alexis Michelle Fashion Tips™.

While Alexis giving people bad advice is ironically funny, I do wonder if she is actually being strategic or not. Is Alexis luring the girls into a false sense of security and then sabotaging them by pressing their insecurities, or does she just like ugly clothes?

Nevertheless, I wonder just how influential Alexis Michelle truly is. She’s probably been in the girls’ ears for years!

Just like money is the root of all evil, Alexis is the root of all tragedy.

-4 Funniest Moments From RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 Episode 7

4. Ed, Edd N Edit (Season 9 Episode 1 – 7)Aja is just like Raja…

4. Ed, Edd N Edit (Season 9 Episode 1 – 7)

Aja is just like Raja without the R – or the talent.

It’s actually kind of ironic that Aja chose Linda Evangelista as the subject of her ire. Just like the supermodel, this club kid doesn’t wake up for less than $10,000 $1 a day.

I apologize if I’m coming across shady toward Aja but nothing I say can compare to the season-long treatment she received. Maybe Naomi Smalls is a producer because Aja started getting a harsh edit ever since she disrespected the 90s.

Of course this scene gets brought up a week after the FaceTuning controversy. The interns at LOGO probably snuck in and swapped all of the camera lenses with kitten filters. It’s not like they have anything to do between Golden Girls reruns…

Then in her boot episode, Aja is practically invisible. She only gets one confessional throughout the hour and she’s not even spoken about until the last few seconds. She does her lipsync to a song from Priscilla: Queen of the Desert. For us American viewers, you might know it as Dida Ritz’ Wigs: the Story.

In the end, Aja lipsyncs, RuPaul chooses Nina, and she leaves to a round of applause. So, what does Aja feel about her experience on the show? How does the show parlay her last words to the audience?


-4 Funniest Moments From RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 Episode 7

Alexis Michelle: -breathes-Nina: “She’s out to get me. I can’t trust anyone.”

Alexis Michelle: -breathes-

Nina: “She’s out to get me. I can’t trust anyone.”


1. Petty In Pink (Season 9 Episode 6)I appreciate the dedication to the character, but Peppermint…

1. Petty In Pink (Season 9 Episode 6)

I appreciate the dedication to the character, but Peppermint needs to stop walking down the runway in light pink hues. If everyone thought the way she does – last season would have had a final three of Fierce, Stunning, and Yellow.

Even though Peppermint literally gunned down her competition this episode, everyone is talking about another Pepp moment from the hour.

Where is Alexis Michelle when you need her?! Friends don’t let trans friends go on public television with ramen noodle hair. Perhaps Nina’s inner saboteur has transferred over to Peppermint and forced her to buy a noodle wig from the Good Morning Bitches segment.

Well, now that we’re at the halfway point of the competition, I’ll admit that Peppermint has certainly been impressing me and I’m glad that she won the lipsync. What can I say – she left me hungry for more.

-5 Funniest Moments From RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 Episode 6

2. Rebel Hearts (Season 9 Episode 6)There’s just something about…

2. Rebel Hearts (Season 9 Episode 6)

There’s just something about Madonna that urges people to copy. Even though this runway was supposed to redeem the Madonna challenge that was an “epic fail” last season, these 10 new girls barely impressed. Despite the four repeats, a lot of the ideas felt used and overdone.

If it weren’t for Valentina stripping down, almost every outfit would have felt reductive to Madge’s style. It’s a shame that none of the judges asked if Valentina felt fully dressed with a smile – I guess they wanted to avoid another Aja outburst.

Maybe next season we’ll have Night of 1000 Madonnas: Return of the Jedi and every queen will strut down the runway in her favorite Madonna fencing costume. Raja will probably have a heart attack – time to get that crown Manila!

-5 Funniest Moments From RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 Episode 6

3. The Fun In Funeral (Season 9 Episode 6)I understand that Eureka will be returning for season 10,…

3. The Fun In Funeral (Season 9 Episode 6)

I understand that Eureka will be returning for season 10, but one year is practically a millennia in gay years. So, it’s pretty understandable that the other queens gather around to eulogize Eureka during Untucked. By the time she reincarnates, everything will be changed – Trinity will be nice to her, Farrah will be crying, Charlie might have moved another inch across the mainstage.

Speaking of her frenemy, I love Trinity’s vacant expression as the other girls share their favorite memories of Eureka.

She as a face full of botox and a soul full of regret. Even Trinity takes a moment to express that she should have been a little more fair to Eureka while she was still here.

After Trinity’s lament, the queens go one by one around in a circle to talk about their feelings:

Farrah: “She was my best friend since Day 1.”

Aja: “Eureka was so real and that’s what I love about her.”

Alexis: “I take responsibility for the visual choices I made for this funeral today, so I own that this is my choice, but I helped many of you on other days. Did no one think to say, “Alexis, do you want to rethink that?”

In the middle of eulogizing, the producers stop Shea in order to roll out a TV with a message for Nina. Even in death, Eureka finds a way to interrupt someone!

-5 Funniest Moments From RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 Episode 6

4. Just The Fashion Tips (Season 9 Episode 6)It makes sense that Farrah Moan impersonated a West…

4. Just The Fashion Tips (Season 9 Episode 6)

It makes sense that Farrah Moan impersonated a West Coast YouTuber this week because she had such a delayed reaction to the Alexis drama. If you remember one week earlier, Farrah was way too nice to Alexis during her outburst – I’m surprised that she didn’t start chucking makeup products at Liza during Snatch Game!

Anyway, after some general chitchat, the smokers went outside to let off some steam. It is there that Farrah finally shades Alexis, the so called “fashion expert.” After loaning Peppermint a pink skirt that got read, Alexis later gave away some jewelry. Poor Pepp, every piece of fashion advice she’s received has been ill-advised.

Alexis Michelle reminds me very much of a legendary myth. King Midelle was so desperate to win a challenge that she wished for the ability of a golden touch. Sadly, it had dire consequences; everything that she lay hand on turned into an ugly pink skirt.

Sidenote: since we’re talking about the other girls getting annoyed by Alexis, may I remind you that she says “thank you 5!” every. Single. Untucked. She’s that theater kid, I knew she was.

-5 Funniest Moments From RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 Episode 6

5. Lord & Trinity Taylor (Season 9 Episode 6)Who’s that girl? Oh, it’s just Madonna!Even though…

5. Lord & Trinity Taylor (Season 9 Episode 6)

Who’s that girl? Oh, it’s just Madonna!

Even though her edit was a little invisible this episode, we have to give it up for Trinity Taylor. Between her ‘edges’ lesson and her Amanda Lepore Snatch Game, Trinity will probably end this season with none of her original body parts intact.

What I love about Trinity is that she is authentic – she is a bitch but she backs it up with talent. It’s rough being the one who “doesn’t beat around the bush” but, given her attitude toward pubic hair, Trinity is the right girl for the job.

B.T.W. it doesn’t seem wise to introduce the Eureka in Memoriam chair the same episode where her archnemesis will be bored in the lounge all day.

This must be the true reason that Alyssa Edwards lost her crown – sitting on a chair with Coco’s face on it is too evil even for a reigning pageant queen. I personally would love to see a backstage image of Valentina getting into character by planting her ass on stools with Miss Philippines’’ headshot. Talk about mind games!

-5 Funniest Moments From RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 Episode 6

1. Sturdy Dancing (Season 9 Episode 5)Remember the time when I…

1. Sturdy Dancing (Season 9 Episode 5)

Remember the time when I said this week’s episode was full of sadistic moments? Remember the time when I said that RuPaul doesn’t have emotions? Remember the time when we fell in love?

As Meghan Trainor famously predicted – Eureka was eliminated but given an open invitation to return for season 10. Being the show’s first medical evacuation, Eureka’s abrupt exit came as a large shock to everyone. It’s no surprise that as she left on her crutches, everyone on set began applauding. Before this starts sounding like a Robbie Turner story ?, let’s get to where the funny begins.

You see, RuPaul is a little insensitive. In her old age, she’s forgotten how to use a gentle touch (but enough about her makeup…)

So here we are – Eureka has hobbled off stage, the queens are crying, Valentina is thinking about making this a Mujer plotline. So how does Mother Ru decide to handle this very fragile emotional moment?

It’s pretty sadistic but I don’t care. Watching drag queens try to dance with tears in their eyes as Ru lifelessly checks the song’s position on the iTunes chart is just too funny to look over.

-5 Funniest Moments From RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 Episode 5

2. Inner Sat-boteur (Season 9 Episode 5)I propose that this…

2. Inner Sat-boteur (Season 9 Episode 5)

I propose that this episode be known as The Great Kuku Kalamity. Between her Kim K. and her eulogy to this chair, Cynthia Lee Fontaine’s ass has gotten so much action that I might mistake it for one of the bottoms on Fire Island.

Leave it to Cynthia to deliver a funeral service backstage – it would sense for her to do it after the murder on the main stage but to each her own. I would have expected her to wear black for this burial but that involves Cynthia actually making a decent fashion choice…

As for the chair eulogy itself, most of my condolences go to Eureka. Production might be paying for her knee surgeries, but furniture is where they draw the line! At least it wasn’t the most iconic member of the backstage crew:

Nevertheless, Eureka might have to sell RuPaul chocolate bars in order to raise fund for all of her expenses. Actually now that I think about it, drag queens and girl scouts aren’t all that different – a handkerchief is the most important accessory to both of their outfits!

-5 Funniest Moments From RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 Episode 5

3. Softcore Hornography (Season 9 Episode 5)Because you probably…

3. Softcore Hornography (Season 9 Episode 5)

Because you probably wouldn’t be able to explain what’s on your screen if your parents walked in.

I don’t know if Meghan Trainor was ever relevant but her appearance on this show hasn’t changed that fact. It does take Nerve to come to RuPaul’s Drag Race dressed in a unicorn onesie though. Perhaps she heard the term ‘drag competition’ and figured it was a contest to see who could rake her through the coles the best.

Despite her wardrobe, I do think Meghan Trainor as a guest judge was actually a golden opportunity. They always choose the guest’s music and there’s a Megan song that really captures my feelings toward a Cynthia Lee Fontaine vs. Farrah Moan lipsync:

All in all, I think I can speak for the general audience when I say that Meghan Trainor was a strange choice to join the judge’s panel this week. There is one silver lining though – Meghan predicted the outcome of this episode nearly three years ago!

She knew Ru would allow Eureka to return for season 10 all the way back in 2014! You can call Meghan Trainor a lot of things but talented unaware is not one of them.

-5 Funniest Moments From RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 Episode 5