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A little gift for @teddy-beard of his character , Jillian Kramer , one of my favorite MH oc’s .

everybody stop and look at how beautiful my daughter in law is!!!!! <3

LOVE the dress! inspired by the SAW syringe poster right (from china i think???)

I love it too! me and @teddy-beard talked about this being a super avant garde look for Jillian but I wasn’t brave enough to try and tackle it but I am SO glad someone did! it looks so good on her!

and yes! this dress was from a series of advertisements for Saw that- ironically had little to do with the movie and more to do with a blood drive.

but I LOVE this dress so much! reminds me of my favorite trap from Saw 2! and it’s perfect for Jillian! I want everyone to draw her in it!

if I could come up with some glamorous male equivalent for Bitter. THAT would be a sight!

Ohmyg you guys are so sweet ? I was very worried no one would like it or get what I was going for , but I am SO glad that is not the case ?????