2. The Mask of Truth (Season 9 Episode 9)Read my lips -…

2. The Mask of Truth (Season 9 Episode 9)

Read my lips – mmmhmhmhmhmmmmmtttmmmhmm.

Valentina’s choice to keep on her mask was as muddled as her speech. Whether it was because she didn’t know the words or she had just given up – Valentina’s questionable decision has led to a plethora of memes.

I’d like to keep it on, please. Years from now, Valentina will be known as the spokesperson for Trojans! Well, if anyone knows how to make Lemonade out of lemons, it’s Tyra Sanchez Valentina.

Between sheet masks, Halloween, and bank robbers – Val has inadvertently stumbled upon an entirely new market for her drag. And to that, I say – don’t take that thing out of your mouth.

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