5. Lord & Trinity Taylor (Season 9 Episode 6)Who’s that girl? Oh, it’s just Madonna!Even though…

5. Lord & Trinity Taylor (Season 9 Episode 6)

Who’s that girl? Oh, it’s just Madonna!

Even though her edit was a little invisible this episode, we have to give it up for Trinity Taylor. Between her ‘edges’ lesson and her Amanda Lepore Snatch Game, Trinity will probably end this season with none of her original body parts intact.

What I love about Trinity is that she is authentic – she is a bitch but she backs it up with talent. It’s rough being the one who “doesn’t beat around the bush” but, given her attitude toward pubic hair, Trinity is the right girl for the job.

B.T.W. it doesn’t seem wise to introduce the Eureka in Memoriam chair the same episode where her archnemesis will be bored in the lounge all day.

This must be the true reason that Alyssa Edwards lost her crown – sitting on a chair with Coco’s face on it is too evil even for a reigning pageant queen. I personally would love to see a backstage image of Valentina getting into character by planting her ass on stools with Miss Philippines’’ headshot. Talk about mind games!

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