2. Rebel Hearts (Season 9 Episode 6)There’s just something about…

2. Rebel Hearts (Season 9 Episode 6)

There’s just something about Madonna that urges people to copy. Even though this runway was supposed to redeem the Madonna challenge that was an “epic fail” last season, these 10 new girls barely impressed. Despite the four repeats, a lot of the ideas felt used and overdone.

If it weren’t for Valentina stripping down, almost every outfit would have felt reductive to Madge’s style. It’s a shame that none of the judges asked if Valentina felt fully dressed with a smile – I guess they wanted to avoid another Aja outburst.

Maybe next season we’ll have Night of 1000 Madonnas: Return of the Jedi and every queen will strut down the runway in her favorite Madonna fencing costume. Raja will probably have a heart attack – time to get that crown Manila!

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