2. Inner Sat-boteur (Season 9 Episode 5)I propose that this…

2. Inner Sat-boteur (Season 9 Episode 5)

I propose that this episode be known as The Great Kuku Kalamity. Between her Kim K. and her eulogy to this chair, Cynthia Lee Fontaine’s ass has gotten so much action that I might mistake it for one of the bottoms on Fire Island.

Leave it to Cynthia to deliver a funeral service backstage – it would sense for her to do it after the murder on the main stage but to each her own. I would have expected her to wear black for this burial but that involves Cynthia actually making a decent fashion choice…

As for the chair eulogy itself, most of my condolences go to Eureka. Production might be paying for her knee surgeries, but furniture is where they draw the line! At least it wasn’t the most iconic member of the backstage crew:

Nevertheless, Eureka might have to sell RuPaul chocolate bars in order to raise fund for all of her expenses. Actually now that I think about it, drag queens and girl scouts aren’t all that different – a handkerchief is the most important accessory to both of their outfits!

-5 Funniest Moments From RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 Episode 5